11-13 January, 2022 // Dalian, China
2022年1月11-13日 中国· 大连

WCCCT 2022

2022 the 5th World Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies

WCCCT 2020

2020 World Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (WCCCT 2020) was scheduled to be held in Warsaw, Poland. Due to the COVID-19, it was held online. WCCCT 2020 is co-sponsored by IEEE, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, and Chongqing University, China during May 29-31, 2020.

2020 World Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies (WCCCT 2020)
ISBN: 978-1-7281-9737-1
IEEE Catalog Number: CFP2026X-USB
WCCCT 2020 会议论文集入库 IEEE Xplore!WCCCT 2020 proceedings is archived in IEEE Xplore.

WCCCT 2020's program included the several IEEE fellow keynote speakers plenary speakers, major technical symposiums, industry and academic panels, workshops, tutorials and invited tracks. The breaking sessions talk about the development regarding the following topics:

 - Communication and Information System
 - Wireless Communication and Internet of Things Technology
 - Speech Recognition and Signal Processing
 - Space-Earth Integrated Information Network
 - Computer Network and Communication Engineering
 - Modern Information Theory and Security
 - Image Processing Technology and Application
 - Electronics and Communication Engineering
 - Computer Science and Information Technology
 - Information Network and Information Security
 - Software and Information Engineering


Photo Gallery of WCCCT 2020

Conference Chair: Krzysztof Szczypiorski

Host: Dr. Artur Janicki

Host: Prof. Chuan Zhang

Keynote Speech: Yuguang Fang,
Keynote Speech: Xianbin Wang
Keynote Speech: Zaichen Zhang
Keynote Speech: Muhammad Imran
Keynote Speech: Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani